Coaching has become very popular in every aspect of life, even in gaming, like league of legends. To put in a simple form, coaching is a course where a maestro with high-quality skill and experience gives a lesson to you about improving your skill and efficiency for playing the game. In Riot Games, coaching is not prohibited, so it is absolutely legitimate to upgrade your skill and proficiency through a trainer.

The trainer at first looks for the limitations, which is holding you back to achieve the desired result. Then he pertains the knowledge of the game is a straightforward and useful way. The main objective is to make you understand how the game works, not to make you a blind follower of his every step. The trainer knows exactly what you need to achieve your goal and imparts that knowledge to you.


When you buy lol boost, you not only inch up in the ladder, you also learn to identify your mistakes and improve your game significantly As you interact with your coach, you gain more knowledge in an hour than you have learned over the past few sessions of gaming. As you have invested money, you become more attentive and focus and learn the game effectively and quickly. You will have all experience and knowledge as you increase in your rank.

Earning respect

As you move faster to a higher rank, you earn the respect of your friends, family members, and other acquaintances. They honor and respect you for your newly found skill and dexterity. You do not feel bobbed down when your friends move up in the rank in the league of legend games.

The most effective way

If you are willing to spend some money, you can find the most effective and best way to move up in the rank in the shortest possible time. Here are some facts if you want to do it all by yourself. It takes 40,000 tiresome hours to reach from scratch level 1 to level30. You need to play 200 games and win those to reach level 30. Without a booster, you need to play six games per day for a month.

The most efficient and fastest way to go up in rank is to buy a 40wins XP boost, a 10wins XP boost, and three days XP boost, which costs you around 30 Euro. If you select this procedure, you will end up in level 30 in no time.


This level comes with no cost but takes a lot more time to shoe the desired effect. This is all about one wining game and abusing the first win of the day 2x experience bonus and doing nothing more than that.

There is another way, which is the combination of the above two mentioned methods. You need to spend 20 Euro to avail of this service, which takes less time than free one to accomplish the mission. The freeway takes around two months or 50 days to show the effect on the lol boost account. Winning the games gives you all the experience while losing provide 3/4th of it. Winning is necessary to move in the rank in the fastest achievable way.

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